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Frequently Ask Questions

How do we know it is time to change the Pegasus Piston?

Typically the Pegasus Steel Piston will begin to allow small amounts of aluminum to bypass the diameter on a consistent basis. Sometimes small amounts of aluminum may bypass from time to time but is not indicative of piston failure. If bypass is repetitive then the piston should be changed.

Can anyone change the barrel of the MX-Sleeve?

NO….Channging the barrel and replacing with new should only be done by Pegasus Industries. Certain procedures need to be followed in order to reuse the outer shells.

How can we reduce lead time for Re-Insert (full barrel replacement)?

If we have a purchase order in advance we can stock a barrel on our shelf which will reduce the lead time by 2-4 weeks.

How many times can a shot sleeve be Re-Inserted w/ a new barrel?

Typically the maximum number of times we can Re-Insert a sleeve is 4. We are restricted by the distance from the ID of the sleeve to the ID of the cooling channels. As we remove the shells each time they must be honed to a smooth finish. This removes stock between the ID of the shell and its internal cooling circuit. Eventually the internal weld fillets will reach its minimum size and the sleeve must be retired.

How do you remove and install a baffle in a shot rod?

  1. Remove 3/8-16 dog point set screw opposite rear water line completely.
  2. Tug on baffle to dislodge from rod.
  3. Clean out rust with flex hone to allow baffle to install freely.
  4. Line up large hole with rear waterline.
  5. Replace dog point set screw using teflon tape and torque to aprox. 180-200 in /lbs.

What torque should a piston be tightened to?

Use Teflon tape or pipe dope on threads and torque to aprox. 600 – 900 ft / lbs.

How many shots will it take to warm up shot sleeve?

Depending on pour weight as little as 5 and as many as 12

How you clean out lube port in sleeve?

  1. Remove 1/8 NPT plug in top of sleeve using 3/16” allen wrench.
  2. Use #31 or 3mm drill or equivalent never larger.
  3. Blow air through to insure flow then replace plug.

What do you use to remove solder in shot sleeve?

Pegasus recommend for severe solder (ship chamber back to Pegasus Ind.) For mild case use FLEX-Hone 180 grit cylinder hone attached to power drill.

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