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Plunger Rods

Plunger Rods

The Pegasus Plunger Rod is built for ease of use, durability, and optimization of cooling for the Pegasus Steel Piston. The Pegasus Plunger Rod (stem) is extremely effective at directing the engineered water volume to the key areas of the piston. Most important of these areas is the diameter of the piston and control of expansion. Pegasus Plunger Rods are all used with high quality alloy steel for maximum performance. Typically Pegasus Plunger Rods are supplied in the tough 28-32 HRC. Some applications require higher tensile and yield strength which is typically 38-42 HRC.  Our easily replaceable baffle assembly directs water to the diameter first providing the most cooling to the diameter.  The flow is then directed to the return through the center of the bubbler tube.  A baffle at the end of the bubbler tube insures the water does not stagnate and has continuous flow and cooling effect.  Pegasus Plunger Rods allow us to maintain an inventory of off the shelf steel plunger tips to insure our customers never run out in the critical moments.

Easily Adaptable Shot Rods

The Baffle Assembly which directs the water flow to help cool the piston properly is easily replaced via a set screw.  Our design can easily be adapted to any profile you require.  Unless you are using your own tips the thread size is not generally a custom option.

Also referred to as:

  • Plunger Stem
  • Shot Arm
  • Shot Stem
  • Plunger Arm

Pegasus can also manufacturer Plunger Rods with an Adapter to aid in length variability.

Pegasus Plunger Rods can also incorporate lubrication lines if you choose to spray via the plunger rod. 

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