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Shot Sleeves

Shot Sleeve 3D Design

The Pegasus Thermal Control Composite Construction Shot Sleeve was developed to solve one simple problem – distribute heat quickly and evenly. The Pegasus Thermal Control Shot Sleeve is engineered to move the damaging heat away from the trouble areas (under the pour hole and die end of the shot sleeve) and distribute it over the rest of the shot sleeve / cold chamber. This is made possible by the high conductivity copper layer used as the conduit for heat transfer trapped close to the ID of the shot sleeve. Due to steel’s limited conductivity heat can become localized causing bore distortion, solder or lamination, and washout or erosion. All of these conditions will eventually contribute to poor sleeve and tip/piston life. Pegasus Industries has patented technology that addresses these common problems and a whole lot more.

Thermal Control Shot Sleeve Features

Copper Wire

  • Longer Shot Sleeve and Plunger Tip Life
  • Faster Cycle Times - Optimal Biscuit Solidification
  • No Leaking
  • More Consistent Shot Profile - Less Bore Resistance
  • Less Downtime
  • Better Quality Castings
  • Less Die Maintenance

Benefits of Thermal Control Shot Sleeves

  • Competitive Prices
  • Fast Turn Around
  • New or Refurbished Cold Chambers
  • High Quality Manufacturing

MX-Style Thermal Control Composite Construction Shot Sleeve

MX-Style Thermal Shot Sleeve

The MX-Style Shot Sleeve / Cold Chamber is our most advanced cold chamber design. This shot sleeve is comprised of three layers to form a composite construction. The inner most layer is high alloy H-13 hardened and nitrided. This layer is generally very thin about ½”. The second layer is high conductivity copper alloy which is trapped between the other two steel layers. The third layer comprises the outer shells which have a compression fit to the rest of the shot sleeve. This is what makes up the profile of the sleeve. The outer shells is where we circulate the cooling medium – usually water.

Most often the MX-Style design allows us to incorporate our Insert Technology. Insert Technology described below is the ability to fully replace the inner barrel while reusing the outer more expensive shells.

The MX-Style Shot Sleeves

The MX-Style sleeves generally have two cooling circuits. One cooling cell is in the pour hole region to help reduce excessive heat build up which causes erosion and distortion. The other is at the die end of the shot sleeve where the metal exits and the biscuit is formed. Each MX-Style Sleeve requires a minimum wall thickness. Wall thickness is dependent upon individual design but generally a minimum of 1-1/2” per side is recommended (i.e. 4” I.D. requires a 7” O.D.)

Insert TechnologyTM

Shot Sleeve Technology

In today's market place with the cost of steel rising die casters can no longer afford to throw away expensive shot sleeves. With a considerable amount of cost tied to the outer shells Pegasus has perfected a method to replace just the inner barrel. This way anything that comes in contact with the molten aluminum or magnesium is replaced. This includes the face of the sleeve at the parting line often the hottest area of the sleeve. Generally die casters can save 40-50% over the cost of a new sleeve. Inserting a new barrel into a sleeve generally can be done a number of times before the sleeve needs to be permanently retired. Insert Technology is a fairly complicated process and must be sent to Pegasus Industries to perform the procedure. If a barrel can be stocked in advance lead time can be as little as 3-4 weeks.

 Structural Aluminum Solution 

Pegasus Industries has been addressing thermally based shot end challenges for decades.  Currently many die casters are required to cast structural aluminum alloys such as SilafontTM - 36 (AA 365), AuraTM, and CalypsoTM.  These low iron (Fe) aluminum alloys can cause havoc with typical steel shot sleeves.  Our patented MX - Sleeve is designed for just this type of application.  Not only do our sleeves help remove the damaging distortion but are also designed to reduce solder and washout (lamiation) in the bore.  We have the capability to utilized several different types of barrel steels with our construction depending on the construction.  H-13, H-21, X100, and Stainless steel to name a few.  For structural aluminum applications it is critical to address the BTU input which provides the catalyst for the rapid erosion but also reduce the amount of free iron available to the aluminum.  In addition - Our MX sleeves are made to have only the steel that is affected by the molten aluminum replaceable.  Most other suppliers require a completely new sleeve.  Not Us!  No more throwing away the baby with the bath water.  Contact one of our sales engineers to discuss a solution for your application.

MX Sleeve w/ Insert TechnologyTM (above)


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