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Plunger Tips & Pistons


The Pegasus Steel Plunger Tip has been designed for durability while still maintaining competitive pricing. The Pegasus Plunger Tip is designed to run in a Pegasus Thermal Control Shot Sleeve. Our Steel Plunger Tips are kept in stock on the shelf so your inventories can be kept at a minimum. With proper water flow and lubrication Pegasus Plunger Tips can last for months of constant casting. 30,000, 40,000 and even as much as 60,000 shots on a piston are not unheardof with the Pegasus Plunger Tip Design. Unlike BeCu Plunger Tips Pegasus Plunger Tips don’t unnecessarily cool the molten metal prior to injection. This is extremely important in allowing die casters to “Open the Casting Window” and have a larger biscuit size tolerance to make a good casting at a fast rate.

Plunger Tips

Pegasus Plunger Tip Benefits

  • Longer Life
  • No Leaking
  • Lower Price
  • No Beryllium
  • Better For Casting Process
  • Easy To Use

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